What’s Buzzin’?


May 2011: The Texan Roundup – Fredericksburg Invitational

Buzzin’ Cuzzin met up with The Millie G and other top warbirds and their pilots at the 2011 Texan Roundup.  Renowned aerial photographer and publisher Scott Slocum captured a few special moments!


Buzzin’ Cuzzin at the 2011 Texan Roundup

For more of Scott’s photos, and a phenomenal interview with Cuzzin’s original WWII pilot Bill Spengler, check out the Sept/Oct 2011 issue of Warbird Digest!



Feb 2011: Buzzin’ Cuzzin in a Warbird Flight Simulator!

Experience flight in Buzzin’ Cuzzin, as part of Warbirdsim‘s latest release: P-51D Restored Part 2.

Check out more images HERE.



May 2010:  Buzzin’ Cuzzin & Col. Bill Spengler at the Planes of Fame 2010 Airshow

In its first cross-country journey since the restoration, Buzzin’ Cuzzin made an appearance at the 2010 Planes of Fame Airshow in Chino, California.   Lt. Col. Bill Spengler, pilot of the original Buzzin’ Cuzzin in 1944, also made the journey!

Fifteen P-51 Mustangs were in attendance!

Lt. Col. Bill Spengler and his son Brian Spengler, with the P-51 painted in honor of Bill’s original WWII plane

V for Victory!


April 2, 2010:  Collings Foundation P-51 visits Central Texas

Rob Collings and several of the Collings foundation planes were in town for the weekend, including a B-24, B-17, and their P-51 Betty Jane.  We were able to get a “formation flight” in with Chuck Gardner (Betty Jane’s pilot), who is also very quick with his camera!  It was a real honor to hang out with this group of warbirds and the support team that keeps them all flying around the country!

Betty Jane

Betty Jane (Collings Foundation P-51) in flight

Chuck Gardner

Chuck Gardner, pilot of Betty Jane

Buzzin’ Cuzzin in the air!


MARCH 22, 2010:  Lt. Col. Huie Lamb Jr. visits BUZZIN’ CUZZIN

Lt. Col. Huie Lamb Jr. flew 69 missions in WWII, as part of the 78th Fighter Group based at Duxford Airfield.  Thirty of those missions were in a P-51, including a miraculous rescue after having to ditch in the North Sea.  Lt. Col. Lamb is now 86 years old, and resides in Austin, TX.  He visited Buzzin’ Cuzzin in Georgetown TX.  Learn more about Huie’s extraordinary WWII experiences HERE.

Lt. Col. Huie Lamb Jr. greets the plane as it taxis up.

Lt. Col. Lamb and Buzzin Cuzzin pilot Kent Holiday


MARCH 9, 2010:  BUZZIN’ CUZZIN arrives at its new home in Georgetown TX!

John Muszala Sr. and Jr. taxi in after landing in Georgetown TX

John Muszala Sr. and his son John Jr. taxi in after landing in Georgetown TX

John Muszala Sr. and John Muszala Jr.

John Muszala Sr. and John Muszala Jr., of Idaho Falls, responsible for the restoration

A week later, Garriott son and father out for a ride.

A week later, Robert Garriott and his father Owen Garriott out for a ride.