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P-51 Mustang serial number 44-84753 was delivered to the 412th Fighter Group in 1945, between V-E Day and V-J Day.  Based in Georgetown TX, this plane is one of only about 150 P-51’s still flying today.  After a recent restoration, it now carries the paint scheme of another P-51 that flew with the 78th Fighter Group in Duxford England during WWII: Buzzin’ Cuzzin, piloted by Col. William Bruce Spengler (1924-2011).

1944: “Buzzin' Cuzzin”  Pilot, Lt. William B Spengler from Chicago, IL   P-51D-25-NT  44-72481

1944: “Buzzin’ Cuzzin” in Duxford England, with pilot Lt. William B Spengler from Chicago,  P-51D 44-72481

Buzzin' Cuzzin in Georgetown TX - 2010

March 2010:  “Buzzin’ Cuzzin” arrives in Georgetown TX, P-51D 44-84753

May 2010:  Col. Bill Spengler, pilot of the original Buzzin’ Cuzzin, with Kent Holiday and Robert Garriott

Sept/Oct 2011 issue of “Warbird Digest,” with Buzzin’ Cuzzin on the cover

(Includes a riveting interview with Col. Bill Spengler, and photos by Scott Slocum.)

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WWII fighter pilots Huie Lamb Jr. (left) and Bill Spengler (right), November 2011.  Huie and Bill met at Duxford Air Base during the war; Huie flew P-47s and P-51s.  For more on Huie’s story, go to the Etta Jeanne II page.